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About us
We design for you in every detail

A few words about us

After being there on field for more that 10 years with hard work and dedication we ELENA KITCHENS AND BEDROOMS have 5 showrooms in major cities and factory. Our main aim is to give the satisfaction feel to our clients when they get home. Interior plays a major role in home for the mind and body.

We personally analyse each and every client to understand them better to give a output on their interiors to fulfil their expectations.

Our main focus is to make the existing customer come back with the new projects again and again after their satisfaction on the old projects

How we work


Meeting with each client on-site or at our showroom allows us to assess the space and, most importantly, to establish a relationship with our clients so as to understand their objectives and visions for their ideas on interiors.


We work closely with clients to craft a design proposal that is specifically designed to each respective project. Our custom approach allows us to invest in the process and ensure a more personalised experience for our clients—after all, a home is a particularly personal space, and we work on designs keeping this on mind to make sure their personal space is convenient and comfortable for them.


Once the design is approved by the client, we get to work transforming the designs to real site. We wanted to make sure that the 3d or the designs which we showed to our clients must be the same at the execution site. Our Installation team will be in touch with the designers as well as the clients to Complete the projects.